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I married the love of my life on May 2, 2009 and have been building the sweetest family since.  You can find me at any Starbucks drive thru ordering a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and a few cake pops to keep my babes happy.  I am a night owl and have a hard time falling asleep before 10 pm.  
We have three sweet little babies that we love to the moon and drive us crazy.  I will be the first to admit that mommin' ain't easy, but it's oh so worth it.  We love to go to the beach and have dance parties in the kitchen while we make pancakes (from scratch, well not me, my husband is the cook in the family).  I am a collector of things and constantly have to declutter my house.  My nephew and I have a running "Yo Mama" jokes competition, so if you have any good ones hook a sister up!

Located in chesapeake, va.  mother to three little humans. lover of blue moon and soft pretzels. wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend.

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Creating memories that last forever.  Capturing feelings and details in an organic and timeless way.  Making you feel COMFORTABLE in front of my lens. 

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Your wedding will be one of the fastest days of your life and I want to be there to freeze those emotions so you can relive them for a lifetime.  I want you to look back on your wedding day and remember how easy that moment was and how much you ENJOYED your day!  I want you to look through your images and be transported back to that very moment.

I love capturing special occasions in your life.  Wether it is your growing bump, new sweet babe, happy family, or just YOU... I'll be your biggest fan and help you pose to make sure you get everything you want out of your session. I have invested both time and money to become the best photographer I can be to serve my clients.

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