Bethany + Bryce

It isn’t often, but sometimes I am at a loss for words.  Bethany + Bryce… the love you share is inspiring.  I love watching you two (that doesn’t sound creepy at all).  They got married for real a little over a year ago and I was lucky enough to photograph their ceremony.  It was intimate and sweet and so perfect for them!


Fast forward and it was time for their family and friends to get to witness them devote themselves to each other.  And, of course party, or as Bethany likes to call it – weird shit.  I thought the second time around wouldn’t be as emotional, but boy was I wrong.  Their ceremony was short, sweet and full of love.  Beautiful flowers and Rice Krispy Treats.  Then there was the dancing… oh the dancing… you’ll wanna check out that photo at the end with their Master of Ceremony and his wife.  It was pretty epic!

I have a lot of roles on a wedding day.  Gown fluffer, comedian, dancer (anyone want to teach me how to properly wobble??), and even pooper scooper.. cause when you have 826394 dogs and your photographer wants to take pics on the white rocks… well you get the gist.  I will happily scoop poop for any of my couples.  Thats how much I love this “job”.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day! I think maybe I should start doing cross fit, cause y’all funnnnn!

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