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Hey friends!! Asthma mom here…. I want to take a moment out of your regularly scheduled photography post to spread awareness about how asthma has affected our family.  Crossin was diagnosed with asthma over a year ago.  Since then, he has had many asthma attacks and two bouts of pneumonia.  SCARY STUFF.  So, when Cohero Health asked me to try out the BreatheSmart digital health tool I said a big heck yes. It has these devices called HeroTrackers that you simply attach to your control and rescue inhalers to monitor their use.  I know as a mom of a 4-year-old with asthma, my main concern is making sure he uses his control inhaler regularly to keep him healthy.  Being a busy mom of three, I sometimes forget. Did I do it today? I can’t remember! One of the features of this app lets you know when you click your inhaler.  I can just look at the app and say… OOPS!!

My other main concern is when he gets to be a little more independent and it is up to him to use his control inhaler… Did you know that nearly half of adolescents fall off their asthma medication as they reach their teen years, drastically increasing the risk of an asthma attack? Research shows that when kids with asthma begin to take more responsibility for their own care, medication adherence is as low as 8%.  EIGHT PERCENT.  When Crossin gets to an age where he can use his inhaler on his own (which he is ALREADY starting to show interest in) I can simply look at my app to make sure he is doing it.  I can also send him messages of encouragement (when he learns to read, that is).

BreatheSmart is only available in the following 10 states for now – Alabama, California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin – but will be available nationally soon.

It really is so cool, and I can’t wait to see how it helps us decrease asthma attacks, learn environmental triggers and overall improve his breathing.  Follow along as we test it out!!! And check out their website for more info : BreatheSmart

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