Cohero Health – BreatheSmart 3

Did you know that I have two kids at home that use an inhaler?? Crossin uses his daily, and Piper uses hers when she has a cold due to wheezing.

I know I have talked already about what the Cohero BreatheSmart digital tool does here and how it has helped me stay on top of Crossins doses here, but now I want to share with you another amazing thing that the BreatheSmart App and Hero Trackers help me with that some people wouldn’t think of…. I now have his medication type and dosage on my phone at all times.

I get asked “what kind of inhaler does he use?” and to be completely honest, I am not great at remember the names.  Now I just pull up the app and it’s listed for me.  Adding and syncing his inhalers was so easy that I am really wanting to get Piper one for her rescue inhaler too! It easily fits onto his spacer, even with the BreatheSmart HeroTracker sensors attached.  I encourage you to check out this company if your little one has asthma because it can be really hard but keeping track of you clicks doesn’t have to be.

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